Which streets in Philadelphia are most prone to car accidents?

Which streets in Philadelphia are most prone to car accidents?

Car accidents can appear anyplace in Philadelphia. But some roads and intersections are more alarming than others. Accidents are more common in certain areas with heavy traffic. Due to the nature of the highway itself https://munley.com/philadelphia/car-accident-lawyers/what-are-the-most-dangerous-roads/, there are also dangerous roads such as: B. Narrow lanes, sharp turns, or limited visibility. In fact, Philadelphia has 4 of the 10 most dangerous highways and roads in Pennsylvania. Some intersections have approximately higher accident statistics than other district in Philadelphia.

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How dangerous are the streets of Philadelphia?

Philadelphia has at least four fatalities on 24 dangerous roads, resulting in a total of 155 car accidents and 167 fatalities between 2015 and 2017. Broad Street is one of Philadelphia’s major thoroughfares and carries traffic to and from the major thoroughfares. This long highway through northern Philadelphia from City Hall is responsible for many car accidents each year. The 3-year accident statistics are 8 accidents with 9 fatalities. Grant Avenue and Southwest 49th Street

This busy intersection is in the heart of south western Philadelphia. At this intersection, there are many accidents in which drivers and passengers are injured. Fortunately, there are not many accidental deaths at this interchange every year. Still https://munley.com/philadelphia/car-accident-lawyers/what-are-the-most-dangerous-roads/, accidents here account for the majority of car crashes in the city. If you are confusing in a car accident on one of these roads, take photos, get contact intelligence, and seek law application at the scene or as promptly as available. Always seek medical attention to determine the severity of your injury. The next step is to contact a personal injury attorney.

No need to talk to other drivers or insurance companies about your injuries. Before you talk to a lawyer, it’s best to talk to a lawyer. Insurance community often try to obtain advice from victims in order to reduce the amount they owe. They may also try to get you to plead guilty. That is why we recommend that you first consult with an accomplished car accident attorney.