Automotive Advertising Agencies Prefer Marketing Platforms Versus Individual Vendor Applications

Automotive Advertising Agencies Prefer Marketing Platforms Versus Individual Vendor Applications

In the current battling economy and consolidating auto industry consumers, auto dealers as well as their automotive advertising agencies are demanding more at a lower price. Consumers wish to cut back money and time looking for a vehicle and auto dealers have directed their automotive advertising agencies to provide more achieve, frequency, impressions — not to mention vehicles — at a lower price with less effort since auto dealer’s staff’s happen to be reduced with their advertising budgets.

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The very first wave of solutions that satisfied consumers and auto dealers alike included the development of technology driven marketing applications that replicated proven real life selling ways to accommodate established consumer preferences. The Web provided the efficient media needed to effectively provide the marketing message to some qualified consumer in an inexpensive and scalable manner and many automotive advertising vendors developed applications that made the content more relevant and transparent for that consumer.

An excellent illustration of the way the virtual world was built around the real life is at the explosive development of video in online automotive advertising. An era of shoppers that increased track of television rapidly gravitated to video on the internet. The various search engines adjusted their algorithms to support them by weighting video over copy or pictures within their search engine results. SiSTeR Technologies pioneered the automated Video Walk A-Round industry in the year 2006 before the various search engines and auto dealers recognized the preference by consumers for video when surfing the net to buy a brand new or pre-owned vehicle. Consequently, SiSTeR Technologies has earned a status like a dedicated, innovative and progressive provider of video for that auto industry. SiSTeR produces comprehensive video analytical reports and it has shown that auto dealers having its video applications enjoy elevated conversions, more calls and lead submission exceeding 70%.

SiSTeR uses proprietary technology that produces a person Video Walk A-Round for each vehicle within the dealers’ inventory using existing pictures, data and text. The development process is fully automated without placing any burden around the dealer. Probably the most valued and different options that come with their process is the fact that every vehicle is described utilizing a real human voice and also the music and elegance of presentation are customized to suit the vehicle’s category.

Potential vehicle buyers are offered through the videos presented through SiSTer’s proprietary 3DF player that’s integrated with many site providers and every one of the main industry portals. Because of their 3DF technology, SiSTeR offers the auto dealer with valuable information to evaluate their R.O.I. including vehicle comparisons and user behavior once they communicate with the recording.

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Of equal importance towards the auto dealer is always that the recording clips will also be submitted for you Tube and listed in Google. SiSTeR pioneered the recording internet search engine at the begining of 2008 because the first video provider for that automotive industry that integrated along with you Tube. Today, vSEO is becoming a business standard and SiSTeR was strategically positioned to consider advantage when you are the first one to expand their application right into a comprehensive platform which includes their professionally created videos in addition to a number of complimentary services and products.