What Is State-to-State Vehicle Transport?

What Is State-to-State Vehicle Transport?

Shipping a car from state to state may appear simple until one looks into the specifics. This is especially true if the distance between the states has a significant mileage component. However, circumstances vary, so whether or not it makes sense to transport a vehicle across state lines will depend on the specifics of the load.

Fortunately, experienced companies provide services that make the difficult task appear easy and, more importantly, relieve a great lot of stress for those tasked with executing the impossible. Autostar Transport, with nearly 20 years in the industry, is one of the most trusted options for transporting a vehicle from one state to another.

In this post, we’ll discuss what state-to-state car transport is, the reasons why one would need it, and how AutoStar Transport can help.

Reasons Why People Ship Cars Across State Lines

There are a few reasons why you might need to transport your car across state lines:

  • Long-distance relocation – When traveling across multiple states, you’ll likely need some extra help.
  • Acquiring a shiny new ride – The local vehicle dealership isn’t the only option for car purchases. If you want to shop in any of the other 49 states, you’ll need a reliable form of transportation and to keep an eye on the forecast.
  • Automobile trade – If you live in Virginia and want to sell your car to someone in Wyoming, the vehicle will have to travel a fair distance.
  • Taking a short trip for business – If you work from home, your employer might pay for your plane fare. During your absence, you will still need a means of mobility, and transporting your car from state to state could end up being less expensive than paying for two months’ worth of rental costs.
  • Get out of town – Plan beforehand if you want to be mobile on a long trip that entails travel without spending a fortune on a rental car.

Choosing the Most Efficient Mode of Transportation

There are a few things to think about before opting for interstate transport. You can use a carrier service, hire a driver, drive yourself, take the train, or any number of other methods. Think about your options and make sure you grasp the following.

Your spending strategy. The significance of this factor in the equation cannot be overstated. You shouldn’t go crazy with your spending just to acquire what you want, but it’s not a bad idea to pay a little more than you planned on, either.

Transporting Some Cars Requires Special Preparations

  • Environmental conditions – Depending on your vehicle and the state you’ll eventually reach, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for any kind of weather you might encounter.
  • Moment/timetable – The timing of interstate vehicle transport is crucial. You’ll need to make more detailed arrangements that accommodate scenarios like these if you are unable to drive yourself and are unable to be present during the shipping process.
  • Car seats or extra luggage – If the caravan contains a moving truck, you’ll need extra drivers to help with the transfer.

Transporting Cars Across States: A Comprehensive Solution

It could take you some time to weigh the pros and cons of all the available modes of transportation. Of course, you could plan and execute the move on your own, but why not just go with the tried-and-true method that guarantees success with minimal disruption to your life?

If you can’t be physically there, shipping your car over state lines with a professional carrier service is the best option, as they have multiple routes and can adapt to any situation. Using the services of a vehicle transportation business to move a car from one state to another involves more than just having the car tied down on a flatbed and providing the company with your new location. Reliable moving firms, like Autostar Transport, provide many options that help reduce the strain of the relocation process.

Carriage in an Open Vehicle

A large auto transporter can accommodate your car and up to nine other SUVs, sedans, or coupes. This is a service to consider if you’re searching for something more economical that delivers your car in the quickest length of time.

Carriage in Enclosed Vehicles

This method of shipping is more luxurious than others because it shields your vehicle from the elements, road debris, and other dangers. The driver will place your vehicle in the back of an enclosed trailer, normally next to another vehicle. This is the best shipping option if your car is particularly valuable or fragile or if you simply want to take extra care when transporting it.

Carrying via Flatbed

A flatbed transporter is essentially a large tow truck with an elongated flat bed onto which your vehicle is attached and winched before being transported separately. This is convenient for shorter distances and for people who can receive their packages at the time the driver arrives.

Terminal Delivery

If you have a packed schedule and won’t be available to watch as your car is loaded and unloaded, this is the best choice for you. Delivering your vehicle to a terminal in the city of departure is essential. The driver will pack everything up when it gets to the terminal in the city you’re going to. There’s no need to rush to meet the transport company at the location; you can pick it up whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Requesting Auto Transport Services

Shipping your car with a carrier service is easy to organize. After a quick phone call, you’ll get an estimate and all the details of your shipping. They will confirm your reservation and provide you with a time and date if everything checks out. The car is picked up at your front door and delivered to your front door at the destination city if you are not using a terminal transport.


Make sure your insurance is up to date, and your registration is correct, then remove all of your own possessions from the vehicle. If you’re interested in making a reservation or learning more about Autostar Transport, click here to get a quote today.