Ceramic Coating VS PPF

Ceramic Coating VS PPF

I get asked almost every day if the ceramic coating is the best protection you can have for your car. The short answer is no. Ceramic coating is great, it adds gloss, makes the paint hydrophobic, has UV protection, and some minor paint scratches protection (depending on the hardness), best of all is transparent and you won’t see any of it if it’s installed correctly. To understand this better lets look at each in details.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is semi-permanent or permanent coating depending on the brand of the coating that is a liquid usually comes in a bottle and applied to the exterior and interior of the car. Once its cured it will bond to the surafce and forms a hard glass that will protect the panel from different elements.

Some of the ceramic coating benefits include:


The coating is super hydrophobic causing any dirt, dust or grime to simply encapsulate on the surface and roll off.

Superior hardness 9H

Tested and proven to be above 9H in hardness, this coating is the strongest and most durable on the market.

UV resistance

Its UV inhibiting properties will prevent any fading or aging from damaging UV rays on any substrate.

Oxidation barrier

Create a protective layer that seals whatever surface it is applied to, preventing both oxidation and corrosion.

Strong durability

Unlike other protective products, Ceramic Pro provides permanent protection that can only be removed through heavy abrasion.

Extreme gloss

The protective glass-shield makes the surface extremely glossy and sleek, preventing bird droppings, tar, dirt, stains and so forth from bonding.

Minor scuff resistant

The hardness of the coating will prevent the surface from becoming damaged by scuffs and minor scratches.

Eliminates chemicals

Ceramic coating’s extreme hydrophobic effect makes cleaning easier with no harsh and environmentally harming chemicals required.

The maintenance on ceramic coating determine how well it can protect the paint, following the instruction from the installer is crucial to keep it in a good shape.

Paint Protection Film ( PPF)

PPF ( paint protection film) or clear bar, is the ultimate paint protection solution. It offers all the characteristics of the ceramic coating and on top of that keeps the paint in brand-new condition while protecting it from stone chips and deep scratches. Basically means that you wrap your car in a plastic that nothing will touch the paint. Unlike ceramic coaing some part of the PPF can be visible and over time will collect dirt which requires cleaning or the entire film can be cracked or turned yellow. 

Some of the benefits of PPF includes: long lasting protection against, deep scratches, stone chips, UV protection. Some films come already with ceramic coating on top which eliminate the need to get the film coated. It is the best protection in the market today if you that will keep the car in the showroom condition. ALso can be removed at anytime just by using some heat over the film.

The information provided by MNV Auto Detailing, which offers the both services and have over 15 years of experience in the field.