Five Reasons Your Next Car Should Be on A Subscription-Based Model

Five Reasons Your Next Car Should Be on A Subscription-Based Model

Among all the modernized, convenient, and cost-effective solutions the automotive industry has come forward with, a subscription-based car model is the latest. However, this has resulted in the initiation of debates concerning car buying vs. subscription, each having its advantages and disadvantages. This article will focus on the top five compelling reasons why your next car should be on a subscription-based model. 

What is meant by Car Subscription?

Before gaining relevant information concerning car subscription vs. buying, knowing what a car subscription means is essential. The concept of subscription is familiar and has been known by all. But in the oeuvre of automobiles, it is a relatively new concept as it frees one from entertaining long-term car ownership and commitment to other car-related maintenance. 

In a car subscription service, customers must pay a specific monthly fee against the right to use a vehicle with a third-party owner. Therefore, it offers customers a hassle-free and flexible way to access a car, eliminating the need to worry about additional costs such as insurance, roadside assistance, and maintenance. 

Car Subscription vs Buying:

The debate concerning car subscription vs. buying is never ending, as both come with their individual pros and cons. The ultimate choice depends on the selection and preference of the customers and their specific driving needs. Below are some essential points that will enlighten one and help in decision-making. 

  • Upfront Cost: Car purchase involves a high upfront cost, while in a car subscription, a nominal initial fee is required along with the monthly payment. 
  • Ongoing Expenses: On purchasing a car, an individual is responsible for all the ongoing expenses like maintenance, registration, repair, and insurance, which are not required in the subscription.
  • Flexibility: Car subscription offers the subscriber the utmost flexibility to switch between various models or cancel the subscription whenever required with a nominal penalty fee. 

5 Reasons to Subscribe to A Car Instead of Buying

Below are the top five reasons to opt for a car subscription instead of buying. Although the choice entirely depends on the individual’s preference, going through the various benefits of a car subscription can offer a solution to those in dire need of it. 

Offers A Cost Effective Solution for Car Enthusiasts:

There are several reasons why a vehicle subscription is considered a cost-effective solution. Firstly, it doesn’t require any down payment. Therefore, a person can save a lumpsum amount even while getting access to a car. 

Secondly, one needs to pay a fixed monthly fee as the cost of subscription, which acts as an umbrella cost for temporary ownership, insurance, maintenance and repairs. Therefore, one seeking to avoid long-term financial commitment, as well as high maintenance costs, can benefit from a car subscription. 

Comes With a High Degree of Flexibility:

One of the most crucial drawbacks of purchasing a car is that the buyer can’t switch models soon. But in car subscriptions, one can enjoy a high degree of flexibility as people can easily switch their preferences between various car models. They can also opt to cancel their subscription with a minimum penalty. 

This proves highly beneficial for people who have shifting job requirements or change cities frequently. Vehicle subscription also offers a wise option for people who entertain changing needs for transportation for a growing family. 

A Sustainable Option Altogether:

People looking forward to reducing their carbon footprint can benefit from vehicle subscriptions. Numerous car subscription services offer access to fuel-efficient cars that have a less environmental impact. 

The recent development in the sector of electronic vehicles is a must-mention. Therefore, one can experience new vehicle features along with securing the utmost sustainability with constant innovation and development of the automotive sector. 

Car Enthusiasts Can Secure the Experience of Accessing Luxury Cars:

Every car enthusiast dream of getting access to high-end luxury cars. But investing in car models that are financially out of reach makes it impossible to achieve their dream. But not with a car subscription, as it offers an affordable way to experience the luxury of driving high-end luxury cars without digging a large hole in the pocket. All that one needs to spend is the monthly car subscription fee that involves all costs, including maintenance, repair, and insurance.

Zero Down Payment 

When buying a car the traditional way you make a large down payment that eats into your savings and adds the stress of EMIs. While subscribing to car you don’t need to pay hefty down payment for it.


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