Tips to Remember for Your Luxury Car Rental in Los Angeles

Dream Line luxury car rental Los Angeles is something that everyone should definitely try. There is nothing like being behind the wheel of one of these luxury cars, even if it is just for a day or two. While renting an exotic car is very simple, there are some important things you have to keep in mind to avoid any issues.

Return the Rental Car on Time

Returning your rental luxury car past the deadline may lead to a penalty equivalent to the value of one more full day of the rental fee. Some car rental agencies may even implement a secondary fee for being late if the car was scheduled for someone else at the same time. To avoid this problem and extra cost, don’t forget to return the vehicle right on time.

Pick the Right Vehicle

This second suggestion may sound silly but yes, it is important to choose the right rental vehicle. This is because it is crucial in ensuring your satisfaction during the rental process. It is also important to make sure that the car you choose has the right kind of transmission for you to drive. Of course, it may not be that much of an issue for those who can drive a stick.

One more consideration is the number of passengers you will have in your rental car. If it is just yourself or you have one companion, any kind of vehicle will suit your needs. But if you are traveling with an entire group, a luxury SUV might be a good option to accommodate all your passengers.

Keep the Rental Car Clean

The last you want to happen is for your rental car to have a dirty interior. It is especially the case if you or someone loves to smoke. Take note that it is not allowed to smoke in a rental car. Once you do, there is often a very exorbitant cleaning charge. All rental companies ban smoking in their vehicles due to the unwanted smell, risk of burns, and of course, the mess that smoking can create.

Drinking or eating in the vehicle also poses a risk. A sticky interior or stain on the seats can result in a penalty cleaning charge for the car. Spilled drinks may even damage electronics as well as other operating systems, specifically in high-tech luxury cars. It will always be in the driver’s best interest to stop and get drinks and food and consume them outside of the car.

Know Your Fuel Requirements

The rental vehicle may also need a special kind of fuel, such as race or premium fuel. It is a must that you adhere to the fuel requirements to prevent vehicle damage. Make sure you confirm all fuel requirements before you drive the vehicle.

You also need to know and understand the requirements for fuel refill for your vehicle rental. Your car rental provider may let you return the car empty, or they may also require you to return it with a full tank of gas.

Once you fail to comply with all these requirements, the car rental company might charge you a penalty. Complying with the “return full” requirement is imperative since rental companies often charge double or even more of the regular pump price for topping the tank.