Everything You Need To Know About Ney Jersey Lemon Law Claims 

Everything You Need To Know About Ney Jersey Lemon Law Claims 

Buying a new car in New Jersey may be the happiest moment of your life. You’ll have your dream car to make unique experiences or run your business. However, the joy can be ruined when you realize your vehicle is defective, known as a lemon car. In such a scenario, you should know more about lemon law claims. 

Here’s everything you need to know.  

What is the New Jersey Lemon Law?

Your car, truck, or motorcycle may qualify as a lemon in New Jersey if a defect or condition impairs the use, value or safety is reported to a dealer within the first two years or 24,000 miles of service. The NJ lemon law aims to protect consumers who purchase cars with warranty defects that the dealer cannot fix.

What are the requirements for a lemon in New Jersey?

Your car will qualify as a lemon if one of the following scenarios applies:

  • If the manufacturer fails to fix the issue with your vehicle within three trips to the dealers’ shop for repair.
  • If the problem still needs to be fixed after the car has spent at least 20 days in the manufacturers repair shop.
  • When it is not possible to restore the cars’ severe safety defects within one trip to the dealers’ repair shop.

How long does the NJ lemon law process take?

The process can take a short thirty days, and you can negotiate with your manufacturer. However, if the negotiations fail, you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer in court, which will take 1-10 months to settle the claim.

If your car qualifies as a lemon under the NJ lemon law, the manufacturer must replace your vehicle. You’ll get a repurchase price equal to the amount you paid for the car. Alternatively, you can get a replacement vehicle from the manufacturer.

NJ Lemon law mistakes that you should avoid

  • Failing to keep copies of your paperwork 

Failing to keep a file about the vehicle is a common NJ lemon law mistake. The files help you to refer to and show the purchase or lease of the car, its features, warranty, invoice, repair order and attempts that the dealer made. The documents will make it easier to prove your lemon law refund.

  • Waiting too long before bringing a lemon claim

Many people wait for a long for their dealer to fix their car. That is a mistake as the lemon law period is relatively short during the first 24000 miles of operation or two years following the original delivery date. A good measure is to file the claim if the care has been to the dealer more than three times for the same problem.

  • Filling a claim without an attorney 

Handling a lemon law claim is a legal process that requires expertise and skills that you likely don’t have. Also, the other party will have an attorney, and you’ll be disadvantaged. The best action is to hire an experienced NJ lemon law attorney to handle your case. You’ll have peace of mind, get the best outcome, and they will prepare skillfully for the opposition.


Lemon laws vary from state to state and can be hard to understand. But with the above information, you’ll be able to know where and how to proceed when you buy a defective car in New Jersey. Also, seek legal advice from a professional lemon law attorney who can explain the legal process.