Should You Consider Window Tinting?

You definitely have a lot of choices in regard to safeguarding your vehicle. Some people may paint their car with a paint protection film, while others will cover it at night to protect it from New England weather. As an alternative, you might tint your windows.

Although it may not appear to be a safety concern, window tinting may be an excellent way to maintain the quality of your windshield while rendering it safer to drive with. However, before you consider having this process performed on your vehicle, it is critical that you understand it as well as the restrictions around it.

Window Tinting Materials

Tinting windows is not a do-it-yourself project and should be handled by a professional auto detail shop that has the proper supplies and is conversant with the tinting specifications. When these specialists tint windows, they place a dyed film into your windows that can block UV rays and heat from the sun. It is similar to the material found in sunglasses and may also reduce glare.

Automotive Elegance uses an innovative tinting process called XPEL coatings, which is made of nano-ceramic material. It is more effective and lasts longer than other treatments. You can eliminate between 88% and 98% of infrared heat, depending on the configuration.

Tinting Percentages

Window tinting comes in a range of hues. Some people prefer them darker than others, and stores like Automotive Elegance may provide different tint volumes. These percentages are computed and based on the quantity of visible light that can be emitted (VLT). The lower the VLT, the deeper the color.

However, each state has its own standards controlling the amount of tinting that can be placed on a car’s windows as a preventive measure for both drivers and police officers. The lowest VLT for car window tinting in Andover, MA, is 35%, with most vehicles averaging around 50%.

The Benefits of Tinting

As previously stated, tinting your windows is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing option. Windows, particularly windshields, are regularly hit with a great deal of debris and can be scuffed up over time by stones or hail that may fall on them. Window tint materials, notably the XPEL coating, attach to the glass and fill in any gaps and fissures created by this damage.

The tint reduces the glare of the sun by keeping bright lights out. On sunny days, drivers will no longer have to squint, making them feel safer on the road. Furthermore, the lack of light rays keeps your car’s interior from decaying or burning when parked.

Why Should You Hire Automotive Elegance?

When you want to improve the functioning and appearance of your vehicle, you must choose an automotive shop that uses cutting-edge methods and technology. Andover, MA residents have relied on Automotive Elegance for over 20 years, and it’s easy to understand why. Every service they provide is of excellent quality, and they will constantly strive to achieve their goals.

Automotive Elegance uses XPEL products in all of its services, including window tinting, and is best recognized for its paint preservation procedures. This is owing to the brand’s durability in all weather conditions and the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Automotive Elegance has been named an XPEL top dealer for the previous six years.

They provide three types of window tinting to meet your budget and protection requirements. However, they all offer good heat resistance, UV protection, and driving visibility. When you work with their team, you may go through all of your options in greater depth. They provide automobile wrapping and damage removal in addition to window tinting and paint protection.

The windows in your automobile are sensitive and can deteriorate over time. By putting window tinting, you can avoid the need for recurring repairs or replacements. Call Automotive Elegance right away for a no-obligation quote and service that will far surpass what you’re looking for.